Spring Clean Your Wellness Routine

Spring is officially here! That means it's time to get your wellness routines in gear. Here are some of popular spring cleaning suggestions to make a healthier you:

Change up your workout routine
Maximise your daily time spent exercising by incorporating a new cardiovascular workout like Pilates or yoga into your existing workout routine. Alternatively, de-clutter your lifestyle.
Spend more time outside. This will help you to spring clean your wellness routine.
Drink plenty of water
The next step to better health is to drink plenty of pure water (no soda, juice, etc.). The recommended daily intake for most people is about 8 cups. This will help to maintain a healthy circulation and boost your immunity levels, helping you to fight off the flu and other germs. 
Eat better food
Instead of junk food and lots of sugar and fat, substitute whole grains, lean protein, fruits and vegetables. This way, you'll keep your energy level high throughout the day and feel better.
As for drinks, try drinking filtered water instead of tap water (it tastes better and helps purify the water) and find natural teas to drink instead of coffee or other sugary beverages.
To spring clean your wellness routine even further, buy organic products and do your best to avoid pesticides whenever possible.
Eat more fiber: Eating more fiber will help you lose weight and keep your digestive system on track. Studies show that eating a lot of fiber makes your digestive system work harder, which leads to regular bowel movements which are the main cause of constipation.
Have fun
If you can, consider making a family activity out of your weekly or monthly ritual. You can make crafts, read books together, or play board games. Doing something together can help bond you to each other and will also help you feel more relaxed. 
Remember that your spring clean doesn't have to be difficult, but it has to be done right. So don't just start your spring clean and realise that it's not going well because you didn't take the time to plan and prepare.
If you use these spring cleaning suggestions along with your healthy eating, regular exercise, and fun activities, then you'll enjoy a very successful spring clean your wellness routine!